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To the three women (thus far) from my FB friends' list who "liked" Romney:


The man is, at best, indifferent of the middle class. He is intolerant, even contemptuous of the poor. He is an extreme liar; it's a sport in which he excels. His party has waged a war on women, on our bodies, on our independence, on our incomes, on our civil liberties, on our rights to make decisions about our lives. How do you not see this?? I don't understand how any woman can vote for a Republican, especially as the party stands now.

(Ok, it's really two women because my mom is a lost cause! I refuse to discuss politics with her; I walk out of the room.)
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“Ignoring isn’t the same as ignorance, you have to work at it.” *

Does anybody else feel that they're waking up in to a dream, a nightmare, these days? Does anybody else feel like they're waking up into "The Handmaid's Tale" rather than into the 21st century?

Just a sampling of what's making me question my location in time and space:

In that case...your god is a cruel, sadistic, mysoginistic shit-heel that makes me relieved to be an atheist!

How is it that this awfulness is still leading against Tammy Duckworth???

And he sits on the House Science, Space and Technology Committee!

*pinches self* Nope. Still awake, unfortunately.

* The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
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A Life Less Ordinary

I had a rude awakening the other day: I have not saved enough money for my retirement. I'm not even close. Furthermore, should something happen and I was unable to work/find work, I would not be able to live off the non-retirement savings that I do have for more than a year. This scared me. Actually, it terrifies me. Because my parents are both preparing for their retirements in the next 5 years my own financial standing has been made very clear during my conversations with them about their futures. Right now, my financial future is not looking as secure as I would like, or imagined 10 years ago. Something must be done and it has to start immediately.

Thus, I have decided to implement some very drastic measures, measures formally foreign and anathema to me to: I must stop the majority of my unnecessary spending. I must, in effect, break my contract as a member of a modern, capitalist society and stop contributing the majority of my discretionary income to our struggling economy. I'm sorry, President Obama, but it has to be done. I need to save more for my future, for my retirement, for my own home, for a car that I will need sooner than later (*praying it's later, much much later*), for all those places I want to visit.

I realize that I’m in a better position than a lot of people I know but it’s not a financial situation with which I am happy. Also, when all is said and done, will I look back on my life and think about all the things I bought or would I rather say that I’ve had an amazing, fulfilling, exciting life full of adventures and incredible connections.

Furthermore, I am someone who has been self-sufficient and independent and supported myself since 22 years of age. The thought of losing that ability, being destitute and unable to care for myself, get the necessary medical attention when I’m elderly scares me more than having to give up some bad spending habits right now.

I need to change how I live. I need to change how I “contribute” to society. And I certainly need to change my perception/view of myself and what makes me who I am. But mostly, I need to stop buying "stuff". I do not need any more clothing, jewelry, shoes, bags, books, cd's, kitchen name it. I don't need any more of anything. Seriously. My life is already so cluttered that it feels clusterphobic. It's time to stop. And today is the first day. Wish me luck!!
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There is a condition worse than blindness,...

...and that is, seeing something that isn't there. - Thomas Hardy

Why do so many celebrities think that because they wear designer clothes they're qualified to create their own clothing lines??? Katie Holmes, please go back to making terrible movies and TV shows and stay away from the rag trade!! The hideousness makes me want to poke my eyes out. Fashion/clothing supposedly says something about the wearer; these clothes say "Frumpy and lazy. I've given up but don't want to look like I have." These clothes have also killed all of my usual, natural desire for fall shopping. Killed it dead:
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Whoever this "writer" is she should be FIRED!! And shot! And forbiden to write ever again!! First of all, the writing is terrible; the story is annoying, cloying, and sycophantic. But the fact that this person is being paid for this and she's nearly illiterate in English sent me into a near apoplectic fit! This is unbelievable. She uses the wrong word several times and nobody's caught it???!!! And that's just the start of the grammatical issues! Don't make me get into them:

"notably cinched at the waste this time with a rope belt" - So, Catherine cinched in her garbage with a rope belt? Waste = garbage, waist = part of the abdomen between the rib cage and hips. Unforgivable! I have friends who are brilliant writers, much better that this craptastic Piper Weiss and nobody's offering to pay them money to write drivel like this! I'm just so angry about this!
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People in glass houses

Wow. You know, this is not funny. It's just disgusting:

And, to the d-bag that came up with this idea: You're full of sh*t and a lot of it! I've seen plenty of not-slim-in-the-least Brits while working in the UK. So...f**k off!

And why is there a need to even "go there"? Couldn't come up with anything funny or witty so you went with fat shaming? Sad.

There's an app for that...

Ooops, there's a WORD for that!

tsundoku (n.) japanese word for buying books and not reading them; letting books pile up on shelves

So guilty of this it's ridiculous! But it's so comforting to have them all lined up, waiting for me! Like literary wall-flowers at a school dance and, unlike at my real-life school dances, I get to choose the next partner!!