September 24th, 2013


And another gem from Mittens

Me: Did you hear that the Romney's welcomed their 22nd grandchild today?
Him: Yeah, so...why should you care?
Me: He's adopted.  And adorable. And a child of color.
Him: And....?
Me:  They named him Kieran.
Him: The point??
Me: Kieran means  "Small dark one" in Gaelic.  Can you believe that?? Are they THAT stupid?? Did they do that on purpose? Did they research the name and say "Hey, that's perfect!!  He's small and he's dark! Much darker than us, the whitest people in America!!" That's awful.
Him: Oh, give me a break. Who researches baby names?  What if they just liked the name?  My parents didn't research my name.  I'm "broad clearing in a wood".  And why do you give any thought or any of your time to Mitt?  Why??
Me: Everybody I know researches baby names.  Even my parents researched baby names.  I'm "shining light" or "bright one". And I've lived up to it beautifully: I'm very smart (bright) and I'm the shining light of your life!
Him: *eyeroll*  What's Gaelic for "trying my sanity"?
Me:  "Pogue mahone"
Him: *searches web*....HEEEYYYYYY!!!