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The Need to Breed?

Him: Even if we wanted babies we really shouldn't reproduce.
Me: Why is that? We'd have adorable, ginger geniuses!
Him: Because between both of our genetics and neuroses we'd have a child that would make Jack Jack look like an angel.
Me: I LOVE JACK JACK!! HE'S THE MOST AWESOME BABY EVER!! We'd be lucky to have a Jack Jack!!
Him: But we'd never find or be able to keep a nanny!
Me: That's what you're for.
Him: That would be awful! You'd come home and I will have locked myself in the closet.
Him: "You deal with your demon spawn!! I can't do this! ... It IS your demon spawn! ... Yes, it is YOURS!! ... It came out of YOUR vagina, didn't it!!!"  I'd still be in the closet, mind you.
Me: ....
Him: ???
Me: I'm thinking up names for our future demon spawn.
Tags: cartoons, conversations, funny, love, procreation
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