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And another gem from Mittens

Me: Did you hear that the Romney's welcomed their 22nd grandchild today?
Him: Yeah, so...why should you care?
Me: He's adopted.  And adorable. And a child of color.
Him: And....?
Me:  They named him Kieran.
Him: The point??
Me: Kieran means  "Small dark one" in Gaelic.  Can you believe that?? Are they THAT stupid?? Did they do that on purpose? Did they research the name and say "Hey, that's perfect!!  He's small and he's dark! Much darker than us, the whitest people in America!!" That's awful.
Him: Oh, give me a break. Who researches baby names?  What if they just liked the name?  My parents didn't research my name.  I'm "broad clearing in a wood".  And why do you give any thought or any of your time to Mitt?  Why??
Me: Everybody I know researches baby names.  Even my parents researched baby names.  I'm "shining light" or "bright one". And I've lived up to it beautifully: I'm very smart (bright) and I'm the shining light of your life!
Him: *eyeroll*  What's Gaelic for "trying my sanity"?
Me:  "Pogue mahone"
Him: *searches web*....HEEEYYYYYY!!!

I lub poetry

These sound too familiar to someone who's "in service" to felines:

I don’t mind being
Teased any more than you mind
A skin graft or two.


Yo, Boston! How about a wicked good wager?

Listen birdmaddgirl and x_hj_x, this is going to be one heck of a hockey play-off series.  How about a wager??

Should the inconceivable happen and the Blackhawks fail to win the Stanley Cup I will send you a few (or all) of the following:

  • Goose Island's Summertime (at least a six pack)

  • Coffee from Metropolis, and

  • Baked goodies from the Chicago Diner.

When the Bruins fall to the Hawks in Game 7, you will provide me with a few (or all) of the following:

  • Sam Adams Porch Rocker and Belgian Session

  • Baked goods from x_hj_x

  • A book made by birdmaddgirl

You up for it??

Thank you!!

I just received a really lovely and thoughtful present from my Amazon Wish List. I know, ANOTHER ONE!!!  However, there was no information as to who sent it to me. So, if you're responsible for this birthday gift (Neil Gaiman's "DEATH - Deluxe Edition"), thank you so very, very much!  It's perfect!! I'm taking it to the Neil Gaiman reading/signing in July!  You're wonderful and I really appreciate the gift and the thought behind it!

I'm going to send out an email as well.  So, you might get my thanks twice!

With much luv,

Happy Valentine's Day!!

And on a brighter note...

HAPPY VD!!!  Don't spread it!

Luv & chocolate kisses,


PS - I'm going to load up on clearance chocolate tomorrow and suggest you do the same!  ;-)


I hate it

I hate when all of my suspicions and intuition are confirmed.  Because I really wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt.  I thought you deserved at least that much because I cared about you, regardless of how you had treated me.  Guess you really are just as despicable, weak, dishonorable, and cowardly as I thought you to be.  Good riddance. I'm even more relieved that you're no longer in my life.  I will never doubt that sick feeling in my gut.  Never again.

Church is the State

The last time the Russian Orthodox Church influenced political policy and legislation?

During the times of the czars.  You remember what they did to the Czar, right?

I'm ashamed of being a Russian and of you, Mother Russia.

The Need to Breed?

Him: Even if we wanted babies we really shouldn't reproduce.
Me: Why is that? We'd have adorable, ginger geniuses!
Him: Because between both of our genetics and neuroses we'd have a child that would make Jack Jack look like an angel.
Me: I LOVE JACK JACK!! HE'S THE MOST AWESOME BABY EVER!! We'd be lucky to have a Jack Jack!!
Him: But we'd never find or be able to keep a nanny!
Me: That's what you're for.
Him: That would be awful! You'd come home and I will have locked myself in the closet.
Him: "You deal with your demon spawn!! I can't do this! ... It IS your demon spawn! ... Yes, it is YOURS!! ... It came out of YOUR vagina, didn't it!!!"  I'd still be in the closet, mind you.
Me: ....
Him: ???
Me: I'm thinking up names for our future demon spawn.

Thank you!

I just received a really lovely and thoughtful present from my Amazon Wish List. However, there was no information as to who sent it to me. So, if you're responsible for this out of the blue gift, thank you so very, very much! It's perfect and I'm going to wear it to derby on Saturday! You're wonderful and I really appreciate the gift and the thought behind it!

If it wasn't any of my "readers" then I guess Santa got a head start on his duties this year.

With much luv,

Emperor's Newest Clothes

Virtual window shopping on the ASOS site yielded some ridiculous stuff. Like this necklace. SRSLY?? It's rope/chord. No, really, ROPE!! I recently purchased 100 feet of almost identical chord (slightly different color combination) at Home Depot. For $10. It's true. I'm going to use it to make jewelry. So, here's the deal: if any of you have an interest in my rope jewelry, which was going to be similar to the Orly Genger By Jaclyn Mayer Lennox line even before I saw it on ASOS, I will be happy to send some your way. And I won't charge you $400. Let's say you just pay me $10 for supplies plus the cost of your choice of shipping methods.



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